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• 1/4-inch Leather Show Lead - w/Brass Bolt Snap • 1/4-inch Leather Show Leads w/NP Bolt Snap • 1/4-inch Leather Show Leads w/O-Ring • 3/8-inch Soft Webtm Nylon Show Leads
• Grooming Noose • Soft Webtm Show Collars
Our Soft Web<sup>tm</sup> Nylon Show Collar braided onto our leather show lead.  See our special offer below!
Our Soft Webtm Nylon Show Collar braided onto our leather show lead. See our special offer below!

Two styles of show leads made of supple, top quality 1/4" leather. Snap Lead has a 1/4" nickel plate zinc bolt snap. Slip Lead uses a 3/8" diameter one piece o-ring. Both have a 5" handle that doesn't create unnecessary bulk when gathering lead in your hand.

Unsure what length or style of show lead you need? Shorter lengths (24"-30") are recommended for the less experienced handler, or if your dog needs to be under more control. After polishing handling skills, exhibitors like the 36" length with bolt snap (our best seller).

Another consideration is the size of you hand: for the show ring you don't want any more length of lead than fits in your palm. Longer lengths (48" and 72") are for the experienced handler who wants his or her dog to run out in front and/or bait and free stack from a distance. These longer lengths are preferable when showing a specials dog or bitch, or when at a big show in stiff competition. The style of lead is based more on personal preference.

The Snap style is the most commonly used, and in the 30" and 36" length. However some like the ease and strength of the slip lead which functions as a collar and lead in one. Many of the breeds (especially short-coated) where arch and length of neck is desirable, are shown on a slip lead which can be easily removed during competition while held in a hand stack. If you want to show a coated breed on a slip lead, you'll need to attach the lead directly to your dog's show collar by "slipping" it onto the end or "live" ring.

Pictured above: Our Soft Webtm Nylon Show Collar braided onto our leather show lead. This makes a comfortable, secure, sleek and lightweight combination. Order both the 1/4" Show Lead w/O-Ring and Soft Webtm Nylon Show Collar and upon request we'll braid them together for you at no extra charge.


This is something we came up with while grooming at an outdoor show. Why not have a cover that would keep your table clean, stay on in gusty winds (and prevent your expensive grooming tools from being thrown from your table), provide easy access and quick storage for those tools, and be machine washable? The answer is our Grooming Table Cover and Tool Pouch.

Sold individually or as a set. Made from authentic fleece,this tough but soft to the touch fabric dries quickly and doesn't "bleed" when wet. A quick shake or a blowing off with the blow dryer usually removes the days grooming remains. Offered in bright colors make it easy to identify your table, helps to find tables of your friends in the "sea" of grooming tables, as well as cheers up the usually drab indoor grooming areas. The table cover fits securely via heavy duty elastic, which also makes for easy on and off. If you use a center mounted grooming arm, you'll need to cut a small hole in the Table Cover where the arm goes through, no need bind edges of the hole as this fantastic fabric is self binding. Long lasting and machine washable.

If you use a side mounted, clamp-on type grooming arm just clamp it on right over the Table Cover. Tool Pouch hangs over the end of your table, attaching with a strip of velcro. Four 7" deep reinforced slots hold all your favorite grooming tools and keep scissors separated. When you're done grooming simply remove pouch by pulling on the strip of velcro at top of pouch, fold over and roll up for self-contained storage.


  • Grooming Table Cover small 20" x 30", medium 24" x 36/38", medium-large 24" x 42", large 24" x 48"
  • Tool Pouch one size 11" wide x 15" long

Colors: colors and shades vary, generally we have shades of: blue, pink, red, teal and purple. Color of Tool Pouch coordinates with Table Cover.

Tool Pouch Tool Pouch attaches with a strip of velcro and hangs over the side of your table. Four 7" deep reinforced slots hold all your favorite grooming tools and keeps scissors separated. After grooming, remove pouch by pulling on velcro strip at the top, fold in half and fold up for quick and easy self contained storage.

(Photo shows two Tool Pouches: one hanging off side of table, a second on top of table in it's rolled-up position).

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