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White Pine Outfitters, Iron River, WI - For Discriminating Pets

9/16 in. Soft Web Grooming Loop
For Discriminating Pets

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White Pine Outfitters, Iron River, WI - For Discriminating Pets  
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Proudly Made In America! MGA0928 - 9/16 in. Soft Web Grooming Loop

9/16 in. Soft Web Grooming Loop
pictured in our new Flame Orange

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Our 9/16" Soft Webtm Grooming Loop is silky, non-staining and gentle on coats and is the perfect loop for all your grooming needs. The silver bolt snap opens to 5/16" (8 cm) and will easily attach to grooming arms with a 1/4'(or less) eye bolt, the piece of hardware into with the grooming loop is fastened. The adjustment slide is a 1" piece of clear vinyl tubing that can easily be replaced, should the need arise and is available at any hardware store. Grooming loops assist in keeping your dog still on the grooming table.

Loop extends up to 28", i.e. the circumference of the grooming loop is 28". Larger loops can be made for you on a special order basis.

Grooming loops should fit snug but not so snug that the dog is choked. Please use caution whenever using a grooming loops and do not leave your dog unattended.

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